I know… I missed the fireworks post, so here’s a little bit of the event without pictures.

Once you logged in- you got a free prize.

You buy fireworks powder with gold or ecoins- and shoot them.

You can buy limited items, and etc… You get it? Wasn’t that entertaining without gold.

Now, Drumroll please….

No, I am not starting the blackout yet 😉

Fantage FINALLY completed the “Wishlist” thing from the Bonus Lvls.

You get items by what level you’re on- go check it out!

Now, DrumRoll Please…

Yes it’s the Blackout! With Pictures!

Wordpress Blackout 1


You see that on the left of you’re screen? Click it.

Wordpress Blackout 5


This picture pretty much explains everything about this. No wait- COSTUMES?

Wordpress Blackout 2


Fancy Costumes that look SOOOO familiar- geez, I wonder why. AND you have to buy gold.

Gold? You need gold for the Limited Items to.

Wordpress Blackout 4


Wordpress Blackout 6 Fine the Candle and light the up for a medal, explained above.

Wordpress Blackout 3


And here’s the info, if I didn’t explain it well enough…

Enjoy this event! If you have gold of course…


Little Codies!

Finally the cute little creatures made out of yarn, fabric and pinkstardust is released!


Little Codies!

Wordpress Little Cody 1

Go to pet town to see this awesome event! And you can participate in this you-don’t-need-gold-to-play-in-this-event event, its gonna be exciting!

Wordpress Little Cody 2


Hey look! Its pinkstardust! Hahaha- no? oki.

Wordpress Little Cody 3


Play games, and win items that you use to make little codies!

Wordpress Little Cody 4


Have fun! Make these pets before its to late..

Summer Camp!

I just woke up an hour ago- so they probably released it while I was sleeping…

Wordpress Summer Camp 0

Either I am totally oblivious, or they released it without any notice.

Wordpress Summer Camp 4


They seriously built another road, that attached the grotto to the new camp. Well, think on the non criticizing side, at least we get a Summer Camp event this summer! On the criticizing side, the point (I know many others will complain) is that you need to use GOLD to buy the items. GOLD!

Wordpress Summer Camp


Doesn’t fantage know that MOST fantagians don’t have gold. So MOST of the fantagians will either,

  1. Ask someone that has gold how to get gold
  2. complain to fantage
  3. quit fantage
  4. buy gold (which was what fantage was hoping for)

The items actually look pretty cool- so they decided to make it into gold 😦

Wordpress Summer Camp 2


Btw, there’s NO special items besides stars… For the hot dog and marshmallows

Wordpress Summer Camp 1


If you want to buy something from this camp- let me tell you, you need GOLD.


Wordpress Summer Camp 3


I feel really bad for you all that most of you don’t have gold. I hope fantage changes it >.<

I hope you all have the best summer vacation there is, and don’t let gold & pixels spoil your summer.

Treasure Hunters

Guess what Fantage released 15 hours after their deadline?

Wordpress Treasure Hunters 6



Yay finally! It’s actually a pretty cool plot and all- but the part where Fantagians take place, its super boring…

Wordpress Treasure Hunters 2

What we do? We click. Click pixels that explode.

Wordpress Treasure Hunters 1


Pixels that give you stars from 3-19

Wordpress Treasure Hunters 3


Watch the movie- Archie’s voice is hilarious!

Wordpress Treasure Hunters 4

Find the Monkey Temple in the island!  Erased all the usernames. Speaking of which, they also had to remodel the island- which led to some difficulties…

Wordpress Treasure Hunters 5


Anybody notice this?

I can see there’s going to be more updates than this- like when the 1st layer is discovered! More coming soon…

More News! Big Bang

The pictures below are from the Fantage News owned by Fantage. You can read this in the Fantage Comet (not the world) on the top left of your screen. This was made to give an easier explanation of what is to come this summer!

So, we all know from my last post- the Summer Big Bang is here! And not another boring science lesson.

Wordpress Fantage News 1

Now, we all have more selections of throwing a party! Plus, non members are allowed to host parties to!

WARNING: Please be careful of your over exploding party invitations. Thank You.

You know, I think Cindeline like went away for quite a while. Guess we can see her in winter 😀

You know what Fantage needs to work together? To dig (wow…!)

Wordpress Fantage News 2

Treasure Hunters! Here we go! Go sound like Dora the Explorer 🙂

Now non members can rent items from the stores that they can easily get with stars and ecoins- how imaginative…

Not a bad idea at all! Serious this time- Some people don’t know how to get ecoins. Plus cool hairs, boards, and clothes make them want to be members to have this feature!

I can’t wait for this amazing Fantage summer!

Big Bang!

Now that school is over, I have a lot more time in my hands- so get ready for a lot of updates on this blog! Changing the background and banner. Not only that but…

wait for it…

The Big Bang Theory! The Summer Big Bang! (Sorry no Science Class today)

Wordpress Big Bang 1


Wow! This is going to be a fantastic summer!

Dance Party:

More Party ideas and music? Well I certainly can’t wait! For one thing, Fantage again is providing more reasons why you should go be a Premium Member.

Cody’s Crazy Combos Avatar:

And yet again, I shall waste all my gold… Another Cody thing- wonderful!


Don’t tell me it’s Cindeline. I mean, yay Fantage got a villain, but come on! Go recolor Cindeline, and she looks like Cinderella!

Codys Crazy Combos Pet Family:

PET FAMILY! Oki everybody- get ready to waste your gold! Pet families are precious 😀

New Mobile Chatting App:


New Game for Fantage Comet:

*thumbs down* School just ended.  Not like I play Fantage Comet…